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9 qualities of exceptional martial arts students


What differentiates good students from exceptional ones? Their ability to bring back trophies? Their teaching ability? Not quite! The best students are not necessarily those who are the most gifted, but rather, those who possess the following qualities.
2 students practicing Chi Sao
Photograph from the Martial Eng.
1- Exceptional students ignore belt examination and competition requirements
By ignore, we don’t mean they are so thick in the head that they do not know what is required of them to win competitions or gain a new grade. They know what the requirements are but choose not to pay too much attention to them.
They train hard year long, regardless of future examination, with the confidence that if their training is adequate, then they will do fine at special events, even without extra training time.
2- Exceptional students do not let their ego control their actions
Very rarely will exceptional student let their ego get them into futile arguments. They have their own goals that strengthen their self confidence. They do not feel the need to prove anything to anyone but themselves who worry very little about what other people think of them. The only time they give in to their ego results not in a verbal confrontation but by them training even harder


3- Exceptional students are humble and respectful of others
No matter their skill level, they are rarely seen boasting. They know better than to flaunt their skills and to make other people around him feel small. They understand that every one has their strengths and weaknesses and they  cherish the differences.
Mastery of the "blurry fist" is no reason to boast.
Photograph from the Martial Eng.
4- Exceptional students are eccentric, easy going and approachable
Always joyous and positive, these students, no matter their level of proficiency, always keep a contagious enthusiasm that lightens up the class atmosphere. They seem to enjoy going to class and somehow find positive aspects in every situation. They make the class fun, or at least, make it seem like fun for others.
5- Exceptional students know when to be serious
Although they are generally easy going, you will never see them goof off during drills and exercises. Exercises and drills are serious matter to them and as such, they will always give the best of themselves.
 Katas are serious business...
Photograph from the Martial Eng.
6- Exceptional students complain privately
Like any other student, there may be aspects of the training they may not enjoy. Subjects of complain are abundant and may include the teachers instructions, the exercises imposed or the company of the other students. Whatever the annoyance, you will never hear a word from them, at least not in the training hall.
They know speaking out loud may have a negative influence on the class atmosphere, so when they need to complain, they do it outside class, preferably with people who are not involved with the training.
7- Exceptional students like to prove others wrong
That doesn't mean they are annoying pricks that will say just about anything just to win an argument. Instead, they prove their point through their actions. Tell them that a move will never work in combat/competition and they’ll put extra effort to master the particular move and demonstrate it, proving you wrong. Tell them they can never beat someone and they’ll think of ways to achieve victory. They may not always be right, but their desire to prove doubters they are wrong becomes an extra source of motivation.
 Are you sure you want to go and tell her she kicks like a little girl...?
Photograph from the Martial Eng.
8- Exceptional students are always fiddling, 
While people are mingling and chatting before the beginning of a class, they are often busy practicing a newly learned movement, drilling with other students or doing some body conditioning movements. They understand their training time is precious and will not waste any minute doing things he could otherwise do outside the training hall.
9- Exceptional students are well balanced
Whatever characteristics they possess, it always comes well balanced. They may train like zealots, but you’ll barely hear him talk about his training outside the training hall. Although their training is extremely important to them, they are able to unhook from it and go on their everyday life. 

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